dxFeed Radar SaaS is the comprehensive technical & fundamental analysis tool for Equities/FX/Derivatives markets. It solves ones of the most complicated questions in financial industry:

The service connects to your application or website via dxFeed API. It allows you to type in your own criteria based on all major technical indicators. The search is performed on tick resolution from real-time data coming from all major US and European exchanges.

Unique advantages:

The service replies with a sorted list of symbols which meet a given criteria, like: MOG/A, HTLF, UMH, CBIO, WIW. Then, the service will provide updates if situation on market changes and other stocks satisfy the conditions. This updates will come on near real-time basis, which allows to use the dxFeed Radar SaaS as a unique customizable source of information to make investment decisions.

Try it out!

Here you can play with the service. If you are new to the service then Quick start guide should proof useful. Examples section contains lots of useful queries to start with.